SoyLicious Candles Consultant Opportunity

Picture offers a great new home candles business opportunity that offers consultants 40% commissions on sales, 40% discount on purchases, and many different, fun ways to earn money from home.  These ways include direct sales, selling online, home parties, fundraising, and building a team to earn residual income paying 6 levels deep. 

No experience is required, even if you've never owned your own home business before!  Excellent training and support is provided to all Soylicious consultants.  You'll have access to our online company forum as well as our team training site.

SoyLicious Compensation Info

Consultants earn 40% commissions on all sales.  In addition to sales commission, you can earn residual income by signing up other Soylicious consultants.  As you build your team, you will receive a percentage of their sales with a compensation plan paying 6 levels deep!  Compensation Plan...

Getting Started with Soylicious

Every Soylicious consultant receives their own personalized company website (like mine) complete with back office and Online Candle Store in addition to the Candles of the Month package, delivered to your door every month.  Getting Started info...

More Info

If you're ready to start your own home candles business and become a Soylicious consultant today, join my team!  For more info, see links to My Other Soylicious sites...


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About Me

My name is Marsha, and I'm a mom to two young men and a Soylicious candles consultant in California.  I have been working from home since 1993 and became involved in direct sales in 2006.  In 2009 I discovered Candles, and my passion is now helping other moms and women achieve personal AND financial success with their own Soylicious home candles business.

If you've ever thought about starting your own home candles business, you're definitely in the right place at the right time! offers a great opportunity to start your own home candles business with quality soy candles and other products at an affordable cost for you and your customers.

Since launched it's direct sales program in July 2009, our team has become one of the largest and fastest growing in the company!


The owners of are experienced candlemakers who have been making candles for 10+ years.  In July 2009, they launched their directs sales program, now with over 100+ Soylicious consultants and growing FAST.

About Candles

Soylicious candles are natural soy candles made from natural botanical oils, 100% cotton wicks, and two different types of soybeans grown by farmers in the USA.  They are still being hand poured by the candle makers and come in 50 different amazing scents!  More Soylicious Candles...